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Are you looking for Instander Apk download old version? It’s a common occurrence for new app updates to result in compatibility issues when installed on older devices. This is often due to incompatibilities between the newer version of the app and the device’s operating system. In such cases, it’s advisable to revert to an earlier version of the app until the issue has been resolved by the app developer.

If you require a previous version of Instander, you can easily access the app’s version history on our website right below. This feature enables you to download any of the available file versions for the app. You can access the rollbacks of Instander for Android without incurring any costs as all versions available on IgMODApks are entirely virus-free and free to download.

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Instander Apk Download Old Version for android

Instander Apk Download Old Version History

Here is the complete list of Instander MOD APK version history. Each version comes with several new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

APK VersionLaunched OnAndroid SupportDownload Now
Instander 17.2Current Version9.0+Download
Instander 17.1December 21, 20229.0+Download
Instander 17.0December 20, 20229.0+Download
Instander 16.0June 16, 20225.0+Download
Instander 15.4March 08, 20225.0+Download
Instander 15.3January 21, 20225.0+Download
Instander 15.2January 13, 20225.0+Download
Instander 15.1January 07, 20225.0+Download
Instander 15.0December 18, 20215.0+Download

Instander MOD Apk 17.2 Improvements

  • The target SDK has been increased to 33.
  • Monet theme has been introduced for Android 12+.
  • The option to disable the Monet theme has been added.
  • Feed loading issues on some devices have been addressed.
  • The Reels download button has been fixed.
  • Alte & Hoefler New fonts have been fixed.

Instander MOD Apk 17.1 Improvements and Fixtures

  • 60 second stories have been included.
  • The MobileConfig updater has been fixed.
  • The download button on the three-dot menu has been fixed.

Instander MOD Apk 17.0 Improvements and Fixtures

  • The app has been updated to migrate to Instagram version
  • The minimum system requirements have been updated to Android 9+ and ARM64-v8a.
  • A Reels scrubber has been added to the app.
  • A badge is now displayed when watching a Live.
  • New fonts have been included in Stories.
  • Additional language translations have been added, including Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Malayalam, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • The script font issue with “Ґґ, Єє, Іі, Її” has been fixed.
  • Several bugs have been resolved without requiring any user intervention.
  • The Monet theme for SDK 31+ has been removed, but will be re-added in the next update.
  • The In-App Lock feature has been removed due to unfixable blockchain vulnerabilities.
  • The video scrubber, Mark as Read, Instander Backup Settings, and Download button in feed have been removed.
  • The message when connecting to the Live in Ghost Mode has been removed.
  • The long-press and triple-press gestures have been removed from the app.

Instander MOD Apk 16.0 Improvements and Fixtures

  • The app has been updated to migrate to Instagram version
  • Monet color scheme support has been added for Android 12+.
  • An Animated Splash has been included for Android 12+.
  • A Themed Icon has been added for Android 13+.
  • In-App Lock (Beta) has been introduced.
  • 60-second stories have been added.
  • The Developer Mode decoder (MobileConfig) has been included.
  • A new Instadner Sans font with Latin, Cyrillic, Thai, Tamil, and Persian support has been added.
  • A download button has been added to the three-dot menu.
  • An option to hide the “Download feed button” has been added.
  • Selective biography has been included in the profile.
  • The Instander menu has been redesigned.
  • All dialogs in the app have been redesigned.
  • All toast messages have been redesigned.
  • The Auto OTA feature has been fixed to prevent the progress dialog from being displayed upon opening the application.
  • The Spanish language has been added (thanks to @dpatrongomez).
  • Almost all of the app’s code has been reorganized.

Instander MOD Apk 15.4 Improvements and Fixtures

Some payment systems have been removed from the list of donations due to blocking restrictions.

Instander MOD Apk 15.3 Improvements and Fixtures

  • A random crash issue on Samsung devices with One UI 4 has been fixed.
  • A crash issue when marking as read on some phones has been fixed.
  • The application has been rebuilt using the latest tools for better performance and stability.

Instander MOD Apk 15.2 Improvements and Fixtures

The app has been updated with the following fixes and improvements:

  • The snow feature will now be turned off for users who upgraded from the XE version.
  • A random application crash issue on some phones has been fixed.

Instander MOD Apk 15.1 Improvements and Fixtures

The app has been updated with the following changes and improvements:

  • Added the ability to download IGTV videos.
  • Added a “Mark as Read” feature.
  • Added a long press option to quickly turn on the “Don’t mark Direct as read” feature.
  • Added the ability to turn off the auto-flipping of stories.
  • Added the ability to back up Instander settings.
  • Added an Instander menu with download, preview, and direct link to post options.
  • Fixed the avatar zoom issue.
  • Fixed the account type change feature.
  • Fixed the Ads switch.

Instander MOD Apk 15.0 Improvements and Fixtures

Rebased to Instagram version
Added “Link” sticker and “Add yours” sticker.
“Forced on” the “Video scrubber”.
Removed the “Video scrubber” option.
Temporarily not added “Mark as read” in direct (Link)
Temporarily not added “Download IGTV” (Link)

Note: Ads in “Old posts” are present.

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